Bookhouse Residence – Cornerstone Architects

Perched on the side of a hill, the Bookhouse Residence, designed by Cornerstone Architects, proves that sometimes the best views are not to be found at the top of the hill, but from the side of the hill with the added benefits of more cover and less visual disruption of the landscape. Photographs by Adam Steiner.

5 thoughts on “Bookhouse Residence – Cornerstone Architects

  1. Very nice. I like the floors in the living and dining rooms. Wonder what their source of water is, especially for the pool. Is that a guest room on the one end?

    • It appears to be guest quarters. My guess is that they probably have a well or access to a municipal water supply. I’m not certain exactly where this house is located. I presume within the vicinity of Austin. There are several water supply companies that will truck water in to fill water tanks and pools in the Hill Country area.

  2. I’m finding your posts very useful, especially this one. I will eventually be building in RBT toward the end of Antelope Cove up on on a hill similar to the Bookhouse site. We pass your house on the way into the neighborhood and admire the fact that is is “of the hill” not “on it.” Keep up the good work.

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