Ranch House – Cottam Hargrave

Here is a house perfectly suited for the middle of nowhere. Built in 1995 on a ranch in Georgetown, this house was outside coming in before outside coming in was cool. I had to chuckle at the description of it on The Architect’s List “Situated on a secluded ranch this project represented an opportunity to build a building without many of the constraints that one is faced with in real situations.”  However impractical the stark openness may seem, its appeal and beauty, much like Phillip Johnson’s Glass House in New York, is undeniable.  Sitting on a limestone base, reclaimed cedar, brick, steel, and glass come together to form an artful structure that appears at first glance to have been in its location for generations.

Hargrave ext long

Glass House 3

Glass House 2

Hargrave Int

hargrave ext

Jay Hargrave, the architect, also designs furniture as well as dog houses that double as play houses for both the dog and the owner alike.

hargrave table 2

hargrave table 1

Hargrave Stools

hargrave dog.playhouse

hargrave dog.playhouse 2

Photos of the Glass House are by Patrick Y. Wong

4 thoughts on “Ranch House – Cottam Hargrave

  1. Looks like it was built onto an existing red brick structure that could have been there for ages. I know some farm and ranch property in Virginia that could use Jay Hargave’s touch…lots of old silos and barns crying out to be repurposed and reclaimed!

    • Agree, that farm would certainly qualify as a place where one could repurpose a building without the constraints one might face in real situations. If certain individuals could survive the renovation of a 200 year-old house, tackling a barn would be a walk in the park. Maybe you could put an architectural bug in their ears.

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